At Kingdom Culture, we understand leadership not as conferred by titles but as expressed via influence. In other words, a Leader is an individual whose words, decisions and all round life brings positive inspiration, change and progress to other individuals, organisations and society at large. By this definition, we strongly believe that every Believer is called to Lead and not just “follow”. Everyone is latent with potential to bring a significant contribution to the world around us and its Culture as well as to the Kingdom and its agenda.

We strongly believe that the world we live in today needs leaders more than any other time in history and that believers who are conscious of their leadership mandate are best positioned to bring true Transformation & Reformation to the world around them.

To this end; KCLA is the umbrella system that comprises of all our initiatives dedicated to discovering, developing and deploying Kingdom Leaders to both our House and the world around us. It is not a theological school or even a school of ministry. It’s a flexible and customisable pathway that seeks to establish a leader’s paradigm in every willing member of our House and then groom them to be more effective in their ability to lead both personally and organisationally. KCLA will interface with Circles of Influence, Culture Hubs and Life Groups to maintain a consistent and unambiguous pathway for each member of our House to develop into the fullness of their God-given potential in life, their walk with God and their effectiveness as a person of Influence in the church and the Marketplace.

If you would like to be part of the KCLA or want to learn more about our leadership academy, we'd love to have you as a part of our community.

We hold weekly services and provide fellowship and discipleship. We provide pastoral support, hold prayer meetings and events that build one another up. We will like to have you as a part of our community.

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