We believe that there is only one True God who is referred to as Yahweh or Jehovah in the Bible and that He is manifested in 3 personalities (Father, Word & Holy Spirit).

That He created everything in existence both visible and invisible, that He is eternal, faultless and perfect. We believe that He is All-Knowing, All-Present & All Powerful. That He is Spirit, Holy, Love & Light.

That He not only created the Universe but also now upholds, sustains, governs, and providentially directs all that exists and that He will bring all things to their proper consummation in Christ Jesus to the glory of His name.

Jesus Christ

We believe that Jesus is indeed the “Theanthropus”: 100% God and 100% man. That He was conceived by the Holy Spirit of a virgin. That He lived sinlessly, died and resurrected on the 3rd day, for the Redemption of man’s sin.

We believe that His sacrifice secured eternal propitiation for the power, guilt, and punishment of sin. We believe He ascended into Heaven where He is the expression of the Godhead and that having a Name above any other name, He holds all authority in every realm of existence. We also believe that He is returning IN, THROUGH and TO His Church for a Second Time which will lead to the culmination of all things.


We believe that man is made in the very image and likeness of God and is the only created being (as recorded in Scripture) with God’s life-form. That man was created to have DOMINION over the Earth and walk in FELLOWSHIP with God thus bringing Him Glory & Worship by his very existence.

The Fall of man ceded this divine authority to the devil and corrupted the whole of creation but the man never lost the seed of God within Him.

Throughout scripture, it is clear that for anything to be legally enacted in the earth realm (by Heaven or Hell), the will of a man must be involved by submission, coercion or deception.

The sacrifice of Jesus Christ restored those who identified with it back to the Image of God and its attendant Authority and Fellowship through the Holy Spirit. Man is a free moral agent capable of accepting and rejecting whatever he wishes and neither God nor evil spirits can FORCE anything upon an individual that he has CHOSEN to reject. Certain choices, however, have consequences which include mental strongholds and chains which are difficult but not impossible to break.


We believe that the Church of Christ is a Divinely instituted entity. Expressed through metaphors in Scripture such as “the Bride of Christ” and “the Body of Christ”; it is Heaven’s embassy and diplomatic envoy through which God’s dealings with the earth are conducted.

The Church is eternal, universal and is comprised of those who have accepted the call out of the world and its systems through the sacrifice of Jesus and have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit to walk in Fellowship with and Obedience to God.

There is only one member’s register that is binding on the Church; the Book of Life. We believe in the local church congregation as a scripturally valid expression of the Global Church in its environment and generation. The Bible instructs us not to forsake the assembly of the brethren and places a special premium on the gathering of 2 or more believers in Christ’s Name.


We affirm that Grace is a free gift of God and cannot be earned or qualified for. Salvation and its consequent Righteousness are received by Grace and not our works or piety. We also affirm that punishment and consequences of our sins (individual acts) and Sin (fallen Adamic nature) are addressed by this gift of Grace once and for all by the sacrifice of Christ.

We strongly attest that the word Grace as translated in scripture does not refer to a “carte blanche” license to engage in sin without repercussion but rather a supernatural empowerment to live a life above not just sin but everything beneath the standard of God. Grace not just covers our faults and limitations but empowers us to overcome them and teaches us (as per Titus 2) how to live above them.

We strongly condemn as FALSE and HERETIC any doctrine that encourages believers to live lasciviously and unremorsefully due to the availability of Grace. We as New Testament believers have access to unlimited Grace to live out the fullness of God’s provision for us in every aspect of life (including but not restricted to moral purity).

Grace also qualifies us for the “eternal life” of God here on the Earth and all the benefits and privileges of the New Creation


We believe that man is an eternal being and that death is merely a transition from one realm to another. That all men will one day answer to a Just and Holy God for their deeds in the flesh and will as a result inherit; eternal life with Christ (first in Heaven and then on a new and perfect Earth) or eternal damnation in Hell where there is never ending torture and affliction.

Heaven and Hell are real, physical places. God’s Love does not preclude His Justice. We believe that all men are currently determining their destination by their decision to accept or reject Jesus and their reward by their actions in obedience or disobedience to His principles.

While we subscribe to the tenet of “Eternal Salvation”, we completely reject the doctrine of “Eternal Security”. We believe the Bible is clear on the possibility of falling away from the faith and admonishes us to “endure to the end” and to ensure our names remain in the Book of Life.


We believe that Marriage is a God-given institution which is the very bedrock and foundation of society. Marriage is between a man and a woman according to God’s Divine pattern and is a powerful symbol of the relationship between Christ and the Church.

It is sacred and deeply spiritual and must be entered into and lived out reverentially and selflessly with each spouse committing their life to serve the other and help them fulfill their God-given destiny.

We believe that God intended marriage to be a lifelong commitment between husband and wife to the exclusion of all others and strongly oppose the technicality of “incompatibility” as grounds for divorce.


We believe that Baptism is at its core a spiritual concept that describes the submerging of a life into the will, purposes and Person of Christ and the Holy Spirit. This is what was commanded by the Great Commission.

We affirm the validity of Water Baptism as a symbolic token of this reality but do not view it as a requirement for authentic salvation. We also believe in the authenticity of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and its necessity for effective witness as believers.


We believe that the only True God is manifested in Scripture as a Triune Personality. This does not contradict the fact that He is One. There are 3 distinct manifestations of His Nature recorded in Scripture each fully God and of the same nature and essence but different outworking.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is a bonafide expression of the Godhead and is co-equal with the Father and Word”. He is to be revered, worshipped and honored as God. He is a Person and not an impersonal force or phenomenon; having a will, a mind, emotions, and personality.

He is of one essence and character as Jesus and serves to Glorify the Person and effect the Work of Christ in the believer, the church, and the world. He is accessible to every Christian and is proved amongst other things by the manifestation of His FRUIT and GIFTS.

He dwells within the believer, expressing the mind and heart of God and empowering the believer to live out practically the Victorious Life which Jesus made available by His sacrifice and to restore man to the Fellowship and Authority which Adam lost at the Fall.

The Bible

We believe that the Bible is a collection of writings directly and divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and as such is the inerrant and infallible Word of God. It is not to be read or appraised intellectually but under the tutelage of the Holy Spirit which is its Author.

The words and letter of the Bible are not themselves the Word of God but an expression of the “Logos” – the reality of God in human language. It is this reality or “Spirit” behind the writing that is Divine. The letter merely testifies of Christ which is the central figure of all Scripture.

While 66 books cannot be the sum total of God’s communication with man, the Bible forms the standard and basis upon which all understanding of God must be based. We do not take a side in the debate of the completeness or otherwise of the Scriptural Canon but believe in the sufficiency of the present Canon to express to man, the mind, heart, nature, and purposes of God.


We believe that salvation is a lot more than a mental assent to the tenets of the Christian Faith. It is a supernatural regeneration of the human spirit which is accomplished by the power of the Holy Spirit indwelling the believer. It is not secured by works but is demonstrated by the undeniable fruit of a change in the thinking, acting and speaking of the believer.

The New Birth does not just improve a believer’s life and character but reconfigures his/her entire existence elevating him/her into co-heir status with Christ and availing him/her of the same Power, Glory, and Wisdom as the Lord Himself.

We cannot claim to be born again and live a life with fruit to the contrary. Salvation will affect every facet of life, providing the believer with the power to walk in victory over sickness, sin, demonic affliction, poverty and every other bondage of the enemy.


We believe that Prayer (& Intercession by extension) is the only biblical channel through which Heaven’s agenda, interests and power is legal in the affairs of the Earth. We affirm that prayer made in the Name of Jesus Christ (legal standing and representative office) and according to the will of God is not just answered but releases tremendous power to accomplish what is prayed about.

We affirm the biblical instructions that ALL types of prayer are to be made by ALL men(this includes women), in ALL places at ALL times to the Father through the person and office (Name) of Jesus. We are firmly persuaded that it is futile to attempt anything for God without the foundation of fervent, strategic and consistent prayer and we hold in healthy suspicion any seeming act of God or “move” of the Spirit which cannot be traced to prayer and intercession


We believe in Israel’s place as the historic covenant people of God and descendants of Abraham hence, heirs of his covenant. Israel was God’s type/shadow of His dealings with all who would eventually be his covenant people and are worthy of honor and regard from the Gentile church as the stem into which we were grafted.

We unequivocally support contemporary Israel’s right to exist as a sovereign nation free from intimidation, terror and undue political pressure. We encourage all believers to obey the scriptural injunction to pray for Israel (Jerusalem) and believe the associated promise of a blessing for doing so.

Kingdom Authority

We believe that God ordains, appoints and commissions human agents to whom He delegate His concern for His flock. These human delegates by extension are required to exercise God’s Leadership (as opposed to Rulership) over His people.

We prefer the phrase Spiritual Leadership over Spiritual Authority as we believe it better delineates the healthy biblical relationship between leaders and those under their care from an abusive and perverted expression which is unfortunately prevalent in many parts of the Body to Christ today.

We are of the position that spiritual leadership was must be a mutually agreed and desired a relationship and that submission must be willing and loving. The role of a spiritual leader is to prayerfully and lovingly seek to promote the welfare, purpose and Divine destiny of those under their care as servants rather than overlords.

We also believe that as a natural and biblical response, leaders are worthy of honor, regard, submission & obedience (within the boundaries of scripture) and also remuneration (both organizational and relational).

Kingdom Dominion

We believe that the Christian Faith is not a mere religion but a way of life and thinking that ascribes dominion to Christ and this Dominion is delegated to Believers. The Body of Christ (The Church) is to exercise dominion over adverse circumstances, evil ideology and the systems of the world we live in practically establishing the Influence of Heaven on ALL areas of the Earth and systems of the World

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