KINGDOM CULTURE is a MOVEMENT of individuals, ministries, and initiatives with a mandate to establish the Culture of God’s Kingdom in the nations of the Earth and systems of the World. We function in the Spirit of Revival, Reformation & Transformation; bringing God’s Light, Love & Power into the world around us and raising individuals who are agents of Transformation to their own environments.

Our Slogan

“Touching Heaven, Changing Earth, Transforming Our World”

Our Vision

To be an AGENT and WITNESS of the Culture, Influence, & Power of God’s Kingdom in the Earth.

Our Mission

To practically proliferate the Culture of God’s Kingdom in the hearts of individuals, the pillars of society and the systems of the World.

Our Methods

  • To establish Apostolic Centres of Kingdom Influence (Mission Bases) from which to impact geographical regions with Kingdom initiatives
  • To multiply the reach and impact of our activities by cutting edge media, technology, and social networking
  • To plant churches in strategic cities and rural areas to disciple, develop, deploy and debrief the harvest of our Apostolic initiatives; providing Christian fellowship for laborers and the harvest consistent with the Culture of the Kingdom.

Our Activities

These include:

  • Apostolic Centres (Local Churches & Missions Bases)
  • Strategic Kingdom Alliances & Joint Operations
  • Strategic Intercession
  • Ministerial & Leadership Development
  • Evangelism & Outreach
  • Events, Conferences & Gatherings
  • Family & Demographic specific Engagement Initiatives
  • Community & Governmental Engagement
  • Marketplace Engagement Initiatives
  • Kingdom Enterprise

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We hold weekly services and provide fellowship and discipleship. We provide pastoral support, hold prayer meetings and events that build one another up. We will like to have you as a part of our community.

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